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Guest post from astronomer Angelle Tanner

This messages comes from Dr. Angelle Tanner, an astronomer colleague of mine. We first met when we were both postdocs at Georgia State University and shared an office together. She is now a professor of Astronomy at Mississippi State University, and her research involves exoplanet detection and characterization through a variety of techniques (more here). She has the following message to share with the community.

Hello Kickstarter backers,

In honor of my mom who passed away last Sunday, I'm asking for y'all to vote for Celeste. My mom (Celeste Tanner) is why I am the astronomer I am today. She broke many barriers as a female attorney in the 70s to 90s and was a cool lady. She was a big fan of science fiction and lots of spacey things even if she did not quite understand all the physics and math behind it. Over the years I brought her to science fairs, star trek conventions, space camp, telescope events and even the Keck telescope headquarters in Hawaii. I think she'd get a kick to have a dip named after her.

Thank you, and thanks for supporting Tabby's star!

-Angelle Tanner

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