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What will happen in May of 2017?

This is a re-posting of Update #7 from our Kickstarter campaign (which ends in just 7 days!). I thought it would it be useful to re-iterate the idea here in a more permanent' place.

The WTF star's dips do not appear to be periodic, which makes it difficult to predict when it will dip again.

But, what if we assume that the dip in the middle of the Kepler data (around day ~800) and the huge complex of dips at the end of the Kepler data (around day ~1500) are somehow related? If this was the case, then something very exciting could happen around 2017 May (and something happened in 2015 April, but unfortunately that went unobserved).

However, if this prediction is correct (and we are not saying that it is, but its all we have to go on) there is a HUGE span of time when this next event actually could occur. This is because the second set of large dips in the Kepler data (starting around day ~1500) span almost 100 days. So in reality, we are talking a window of possible event times extending several months before and after 2017 May. It is imperative that we are observing this star during this time!

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