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Dip update 6/n

[Orig: June 1, 2017]

Hi everyone!

I am happy to report that things are coming together super well after the event last week. Our plan is to write a short paper announcing the detection of the dip, and we are working hard for this to be out in the next couple weeks.

I have some fun news to share with y'all. Recall one of the elements of the Kickstarter program was that when we detect a dip, it will get a name. There was only one backer eligible to nominate a name for this dip, so we have a name without having to hold a vote. From now on, we will call the May 2017 dip "Elsie"! This is kind of a wink and a nod to the term "Light Curve" and "Las Cumbres".

We will soon be collecting name nominations from backers at the next level down in anticipation for when the next dip happens. At that time, we will have an election, where eligible Kickstarter backers (the $25 reward level and up) will vote on their favorite name.

It goes without saying, our monitoring observations of the star have continued and we watch with patience.

~Tabby and team

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