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Dip update 7/n

[Orig: June 3, 2017]

Quick update here. A colleague of ours, Bruce Gary, was observing the star on June 2 and data showed a *very* (~0.3%) small dip possibly occurred on June 2, 2017 (see his observing blog).

All other data during this time have much larger measurement errors than the putative dip itself, so we are not able to say whether or not this dip was real (0.1% uncertainties are very difficult to achieve). To comment on his query on what happened the previous day, our data show confidently the star was normal brightness at that time.

Here is the LCO data showing our measurements, the time in question is ~1.5 on the x-axis. On the y-axis, 1.00 is normal brightness, 0.99 is a 1% drop, and so on. A 0.3% drop would be less than halfway between the 1.00 and 0.99 horizontal lines.

Bruce's data are some of the best I have ever seen, but in my mind, for a signal this small its not enough to be significant.

Stay tuned for updates as we learn more.

~Tabby and team

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