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Dip update 17/n - dip#2 and data update

[Orig: June 26, 2017]

Hi everyone,

First, I wanted to share a figure I made for the Elsie discovery paper (I got a little distracted by dip#2, but its coming along nice). This shows the data taken at the LCO TFN station in three filters (or colors), B, r', and i', as labeled on the legend. As you can see, on the sides of the dip (less than ~10 and greater than ~18), the colors are fairly well 'mixed' around the dotted horizontal line (normal brightness). Within the dip however, these colors disperse, with a deeper signal in the shortest wavelength (B) and shallowest signal in the longest wavelength (i')

Second, a backer asked for a example of what the image looks like. Here is one, the red target in the center is our star (ignore the purple). Notice how the stars are like tiny doughnuts, thats an important trick we use to gain signal. This is the defocusing, we discussed it in previous posts, and will revisit again (but not today).

Lastly, the weather has been poor at TFN for the past few nights. Here is the latest from OGG. I think its fair to say that the star has returned to normal.

A lot to do today so excuse my brevity.

~Tabby and team

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