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Dip update 18/n - two months of dipping

[Orig: June 28, 2017]

Hi everyone,

The plots I typically share with you come from a program called AstroImageJ (AIJ) that does the aperture photometry (details of which were mentioned in a previous post; the program is freely available here). These plots are always subject to change (by small amounts) because they are binned (averaged data in a time period) and normalized (what you assume the star's "normal" brightness is, and making that =1) on the fly.

Ive exported from AIJ all the data for May and June and made the following graph, this time using more exact binning which includes better treatment of measurement errors, and using the normalization regions of day 0-10 and 20-35 (on the graph below you can see this as data points in these regions being evenly scattered above and below the horizontal dotted line at unity).

Your guess is as good as mine whether the dip is really over now or not, but last night shows it is back up.

~Tabby and team

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