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Dip update 20/n - full May-June light curve

[Orig: June 30, 2017]

Hello and happy Friday to everyone!

Here is the latest from TFN. Again, each point is a daily average, and as you can see, we are still slightly down. The graph looks slightly different from yesterdays graph because I am trying out new (and more) comparison stars. We measure the brightness of the comparison stars and compare this to that of the target to get a differential flux. The more comparisons you have, the better off you are estimating the target's true brightness, as well as your measurement errors (incorporating both astrophysical and instrumental noise). Katie Nugent is a LSU undergrad, and she is characterizing the entire field, so we will soon have a "perfect selection" of comparison stars to use.

Be sure to check back on the blog for updates!

~Tabby and team

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