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Dip update 26/n - data and proposal updates

[Orig: July, 7 2017]

Hi everyone,

Below are the latest from TFN and OGG.

We also heard back from the folks that run the Hubble Space Telescope about our proposals (we submitted two proposals, almost identical to each other. One was a regular cycle proposal for Target of Opportunity (ToO) observations, the other was a DD (Directors Discretionary) proposal in case the circumstances (a dip) happened before the regular cycle observations started. Unfortunately they had low rankings from review panel and were neither were allocated any time. The main objection to the proposal was that we should have "been more explicit in requesting the timescale of the ToO observations." While this is a fair complaint, it is difficult to pin this time down precisely with such a transient object! Anyway, we plan to work on revising the proposal folding in this feedback from the review panel.

Over the weekend, I will post brief data updates here on the blog.

~Tabby and team

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