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Dip update 34/n

[Orig: July, 17 2017]

Hi everyone,

Below is the graph with today's update.

Note: on June 26 (~45 on the x-axis) and after, there have been two 40cm telescopes at each of the LCO stations (OGG and TFN) taking observations of our star (instead of one at each station). Previously posted light curves were generated without this data taken from the second set of telescopes. However, we have now collected enough data to verify that there is consistency with the two new telescopes compared to the ones that we have been using. So the light curve below now includes the "new", old data, combined with the data set that you are accustomed to seeing.

The most recent data (there has been bad weather at OGG) look to be fairly consistent with normal brightness (i.e., the error bars on the two, right-most, blue points touch the dotted horizontal line at 1.0). This seems to indicate that the ~2 week long, 0.5% dip is nearing its end. However, given the unpredictable nature of this object, I hesitate to make that official call just yet. Im also torn on whether we should christen these small 0.5% dips, or save the names for just the bigger ones. We'll have to make a decision on this before too long though!

Lastly, we continue to work on the Elsie detection paper. Alas, these things (science in general) always take longer than expected. I hope it is not terribly discouraging to you, and I promise that you will be the first to hear when things finalize.

~Tabby and team

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