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Dip update 42/n

[Orig: July, 28 2017]

Hi everyone,

The latest update from LCO. Weather has made scheduling at both stations (OGG and TFN) difficult, limiting the time observing to about an hour at each location. Still, our results remain consistent with a reduced flux state compared to pre and post Elsie levels. Note that the detrending of the data mentioned in a recent post (40/n) is now also applied to the TFN data as well as OGG. This detrending basically only effects the data taken after day ~50 (MJD 57930) when we made changes to our observing configuration.

The correction is also pretty small, most of the time within the measurement errors on the uncorrected points. Applying this same technique to the comparison star light curves showed clear improvement, indicating the detrending correction, while small, is necessary.

All the best,

~Tabby and team

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