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Dip update 56/n

[Orig: Aug 13, 2017]

Hi everyone,

My apologies, Im traveling again and missed posting last night's data until now. The benefit of a delayed update is that we now have preliminary measurements at TFN for tonight!

First, note that I have changed the offset of the x-axis so the math is easier to do. This does not change the way the data are plotted or displayed, all it means is that instead of the x-axis starting at "0", it now starts at "80" (previously it was "MJD - 57880", and now it is "MJD - 57800", the number after MJD is the offset).

Data from TFN last night showed the star was fairly constant compared the the previous couple nights. By the time OGG started observing, it had brightened slightly. The new TFN point is only based on a couple hours of observing (so the errors are still a bit large), but it shows the star is down. However, due to the largish errors of the preliminary TFN data, the extent of how far down is poorly determined.


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