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Dip update 69/n

[Orig: Aug 28, 2017]

Hi everyone,

Below is the light curve as of ~1 hour ago. Humidity was too high to open domes last night at OGG, so only TFN to report.

Also, two papers on our star were posted to the archive this morning, both presenting new analysis of the long term dimming/variability with coverage over the past couple couple years -> decade. Links to the paper are here:

and here

Note that the first (Meng et al.) has undergone peer review and is accepted for publication. The second (Simon et al.) has just been submitted to the journal for review, and the content is subject to change after the authors receive feedback from the referee (and the community). To discuss/read more, see the relevant threads on the sub-reddit for the Meng et al. paper and the Simon et al. paper.

~Tabby and team

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