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2018 data update (15/n)

[Orig: April 27, 2018]

Hi everyone,

Along with every other astronomer on the planet, I've been a bit distracted with the GAIA mission's second data release containing measurements of over a billion stars. If you haven't already, go read about it and watch some of the amazing videos that have come out - your mind will be blown! There has been a lot of anticipation over the data release with respects to this particular star, unfortunately too much for me to expand upon at the moment, so I encourage you to check out the thread on it here.

In the graphs below are the latest data from Las Cumbres Observatory. As you can see, there was recent blip in brightness, but the most recent data indicate its settled back to normal.

Have a stellar weekend!

~Tabby and team

PS: These observations are happening because of the wonderful backers of our 2016 Kickstarter project. The Kickstarter campaign has ended, but we are still accepting donations to purchase additional observing time on the LCO 0.4m network. Thanks in advance for your support!

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