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2018 data update (29/n)

[Orig: June 29, 2018]

Hi everyone,

A bit of an edit to the past few weeks of measurements. I had made a coding mistake when generating these plots, and took me a bit to figure out what was going on... Ends up all the TFN measurements taken after June 1, 2018 (vertical line) being plotted were actually the measurements from June *2017*. Here is the corrected plot. Last couple days seem brighter.

Note from previous post that still applies: The gray vertical line indicates the time of the change in configuration. There are still some remaining issues that we need to address for data taken primarily during the first week of June (where you see a gap in data) and hopefully we will be able to update this soon with those measurements. Also, all data taken after this time have an unknown vertical offset. As such, these measurements are set to be consistent with the flux at the end of May until we can better assess what, if anything, had changed during the gap.

More later!

~Tabby and team

PS: These observations are happening because of the wonderful backers of our 2016 Kickstarter project. The Kickstarter campaign has ended, but we are still accepting donations to purchase additional observing time on the LCO 0.4m network. Thanks in advance for your support!

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